Hope in Action

June 2022


Someone once said, “You may not be able to change the world, but you can change the world for one person.” In this issue, meet Alex and Josh, two people whose lives you’ve touched through your support. Whether you provide a meal, volunteer at the Community Centre, or donate to one of our programs, please know that you are changing the world, one life at a time. Thank you!

Little miracles: Alex’s story

There’s a lot of heartbreak in the lives of the people we serve. But sometimes there are little miracles too.


Alex had invested everything he had into his contracting business. Then COVID hit. He lost his contracts and owed the bank a lot of money.

Because he’d recently moved from Montreal, he had no family or friends here to support him. Eventually, Alex ended up sleeping on the streets of Kitchener and coming to the Ray of Hope Community Centre for food.

ROHCC staff were concerned that Alex’s circumstances were taking him downhill. They noticed that although he expressed some hope for his future, his discouragement was greater.

The power of prayer

Recently, Alex was picking up groceries from the Marketplace, Ray of Hope’s food hamper program. As staff helped him carry his bags outside, Alex noticed that his bike was gone. Bike theft happens regularly in our community because folks often don’t own bike locks.

Devastated, Alex sat on the curb with his grocery bags at his feet. A staff member sat with him and seeing his distress, asked to pray with him.

“Sure,” he said, “But I doubt it will do anything.”

During the prayer, the staff member asked God to bring Alex’s bike back to him. And no sooner was the “Amen” spoken, than a young man came riding down the alleyway on Alex’s bike. He brought it to a stop before Alex and apologized for taking it.

“This never happens!” Alex said, amazed.

Alex’s story is just one small example of the way we see God working in the lives of our guests. Through your support, you create opportunities to share the message of God’s love. Thank you for helping us provide care for bodies, minds and souls.

It’s tee time!

hand wearing golf glove places a red golf tee

Join us at Rebel Creek on June 20 for the Ray of Hope Golf Classic, in support of our Employment Services program.

Players of all abilities are welcome, and there will be contests to challenge your skill.

When: June 20, 2022
Where: Rebel Creek Golf Club
Time: 1 p.m. shotgun start
Format: Scramble
Price: $175 (includes 18 holes, cart and dinner)


For more information or to learn how to sponsor this event, please contact us at golfclassic@rayofhope.net or 519-578-8018.

Finding a guide to the world of work: Josh’s story

Two Ray of Hope programs helped Josh find new skills and sobriety. Now he’s ready to tackle the world of work.


When you talk to Josh, it’s hard to believe that this upbeat, well-spoken young man has faced some tough battles in his life. Not too long ago, he was wrestling with substance abuse, and with little work experience, he faced an uncertain future.

Now, with the help of two Ray of Hope programs, Josh is creating a new path for himself.

As he neared the end of his treatment at Youth Addictions’ residential facility, staff encouraged Josh to apply for the Employment Services program. This six-month course helps people between the ages of 20 and 29 overcome barriers to employment.

“I hadn’t had a job in a while. I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn some job skills that would help me move back into the working world.”

Working through emotions

The Employment Services program not only prepared Josh for employment but also supported his recovery. It provided structure and helped him build skills that boosted his confidence.

In the program, Josh acquired skills that employers are looking for. He also brushed up on his job search and communication skills, learning how to draft professional emails, resumes and cover letters and excel in interviews.

One of the aspects that Josh found most helpful were exercises where program participants worked through situations they might encounter in a job.

Through role-playing, participants dealt with emotions, such as feelings of isolation while adjusting to a new workplace. “We talked about things that related to our own experiences,” he says. (Story continues below)




“When you’re entering the job world, it’s so helpful to have a guide. If it wasn’t for this program, I’d still be struggling.”


Josh, Employment Services program participant

Competence leads to confidence

The knowledge Josh gained in the program and the certifications he earned in safe food handling and more helped him find his external work placement. He’s currently working as a line cook at a local restaurant.

“Of the jobs I’ve had, this is my favourite,” he says. “I enjoy working with people in a fast-paced environment,” he says. And knowing that he has the skills and stamina needed to keep up for an 8-hour shift is a confidence booster.

“I enjoy feeling competent,” he says.

“No drawbacks”

Even though he enjoys cooking, Josh is also open to exploring other career paths. Building on the construction skills he learned in the Youth Addictions program, he’s interested in possibly becoming an electrician.

“Some of the things I learned in the program, like budgeting, time management, prioritizing tasks and problem-solving are invaluable skills in general but especially for an electrician,” Josh says.

What would Josh tell someone who was considering joining the Employments Services program?

“There are no drawbacks to this program. When you’re entering the job world, it’s so helpful to have a guide. If it wasn’t for this program, I’d still be struggling.”

Josh is creating a new road for himself thanks to generous people like you who invested in his future. If you’d like to help other young people learn life-changing career skills, please consider giving today using this secure donation form and directing your gift to Employment Services. Thank you for helping to build brighter futures.

Help a neighbour in need

When you give, you make life a little easier for vulnerable people in our community. Thank you!

The Marketplace food hamper program has put out a special call for these items:

  • Canned milk
  • Pasta and pasta sauce
  • Cereal
  • Plastic shopping bags

For more information, please contact us at: info@rayofhope.net.

You can also feed hungry people through our secure donation page.