Hope in Action

October 2022


Your gifts to Ray of Hope make so many amazing things possible — from warm meals for hungry people to employment programs for youth. You also allow us to build connections with other organizations and service providers. As a result, the help we’re able to offer guests becomes much greater than what we could do alone.

In this issue, read how our staff members — with the help of community partners — were able to reunite Joanne and her daughter. It’s just one more example of how your support of Ray of Hope’s programs transforms lives. Thank you!

Making a difference ­— together

Thanks to your support, Ray of Hope has built positive relationships with guests, other agencies and the local police service. These connections recently helped Joanne reunite with her daughter — just one example of how you help bring people together to make a difference.


Joanne* was desperate to reconnect with her 22-year-old daughter, Sandra. Sandra lives in a home for autistic adults, and because of COVID restrictions, Joanne had not seen her in two years. To make matters worse, Joanne doesn’t have custody of her daughter. So, when Sandra was moved to another facility during the pandemic, her caregivers couldn’t notify Joanne due to confidentiality rules. Joanne had no idea where Sandra was.

Coordinating a reunion

Joanne came to the Ray of Hope Community Centre’s RAP Room for help. She knew the staff and felt she could trust them with her problem. In tears, Joanne shared her story and begged them for help and prayers. ROHCC staff prayed with Joanne and helped her connect with the director of Sandra’s original group home. Together, the helpful director and ROHCC staff coordinated a plan of action that enabled Joanne to visit her daughter.

The story doesn’t end there, however. Joanne hoped to bring Sandra home for a visit. But she didn’t have a bed for her daughter and was afraid that Sandra wouldn’t be able to visit because of this. Staff quickly went to work, sourcing a bed and arranging for it to be delivered to Joanne’s home.

A special delivery

On the day of delivery, staff arrived at Joanne’s home with the bed and some household items generously donated by a local Winners store. But Joanne’s phone was broken, and they couldn’t reach her. Disappointed, staff prepared to return to the ROHCC.

As they were about to leave, they were approached by two police officers who recognized the staff. The officers immediately volunteered to help get them access to the building so they could try knocking on Joanne’s door. Joanne appeared and the officers helped carry the bed to her apartment.

Joanne was overjoyed at the help she received from Ray of Hope staff, the group home director, Winners and the police officers. She now looks forward to having her daughter come home for visits. And what could have been a day of frustration turned out to be filled with joy and laughter.

*Names have been changed

Help a neighbour in need

When you give, you make life a little easier for vulnerable people in our community. Thank you!

The Marketplace food hamper program has put out a special call for these items:

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