How We Help

Investing in People. Inspiring Hope. Changing Lives

Ray of Hope serves vulnerable people struggling with hunger, homelessness, poverty, and other challenges. We provide life-changing health and social services; and a welcoming, compassionate community. We empower people to chart a new path in life by nurturing their own God-given skills.

Youth Employment

The Employment Services Program provides the education, counselling, practical life skills and on-the-job training necessary to be resilient in the workplace. Many people have not had the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills needed to overcome the challenges life presents.

Community Support

The Ray of Hope Community Centre is the heart of our vibrant community. There, vulnerable neighbours receive hot, nutritious meals, crucial health and social supports, and—most importantly—friendship and hope.

“I don’t know how I’m going to make ends meet. I’ve lost my job, EI is running out, and I’m starting to feel helpless.”

Youth Support Services

Ray of Hope empowers youth to overcome addiction, and helps families heal from the trauma that it has wrought in their lives. Our Youth Support Services are tailored to meet every family’s unique needs.

“My son/daughter is drinking and using drugs. We don’t know where to turn or who to talk to.”

Youth Justice

Our dedicated staff guide youth as they navigate the justice system. Ray of Hope provides a safe, structured and supportive space to fulfill the terms of their sentences, work through the issues that are holding them back, and develop positive life skills so they can rebuild their lives.

“My son/daughter has just been arrested and I have no idea what to expect.”