Youth Justice Services

Responsibility, self-care, and self-confidence. These are just some of the lessons young people learn in our custody, youth reintegration, and alternative education programs. With support from Ray of Hope staff, their parents or guardians and community professionals, young offenders and youth at risk have a chance to redirect their lives.

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Custody Programs
Youth Reintegration Program

Secure Custody, For Ages 12 to 17

Our Secure Custody facility offers a safe place for young people who have committed serious crimes to complete their court-appointed sentences.


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Youth Reintegration Program

Our Youth Reintegration Program helps young men who have served time in a custody facility transition back into the community and start a new chapter of their lives.


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Youth Integration Program,
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Testimonials from Program Participants

“The program helps me have more confidence in myself and the things that I do.” *

Ray of Hope’s Youth Justice program gave me the opportunity to compete my online diploma and I will be forever grateful.” *

“Ray of Hope Secure facility is a great place to focus on your life and make changes to better yourself.” *

*names withheld for privacy


Building Trust Changes Lives.

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