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The following people and programs need your prayers.

Thank you on behalf of the vulnerable neighbours in Waterloo Region that we serve.

For The Community Centre, please pray for:

  • Our guests to feel supported, encouraged, and safe
  • The staff to demonstrate love to everyone, treating all without prejudice or bias
  • Staff wisdom and discernment in difficult situations
  • New monthly donors to help Ray of Hope meet the community’s needs

For our Justice Programs, please pray for:

  • Wise government choices regarding new programs
  • Peace and hope for youth as they work to transform their lives
  • Our search for staff to find the right candidates

For our Youth Support Services, please pray for:

  • The staff, teachers, and therapists to share wisdom and encouragement
  • Hope and a new direction forward for the youth
  • Support, community, hope, and healing for families

For our Employment Services, please pray for:

  • Program changes that meet the evolving needs of the economy
  • Trainees to find meaningful ways to apply their new skills in their job placements
  • Employers to open their doors and hearts to partnerships


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